Press Release


Advantage.Green collaborates with Afri-Tec Technologies

Dated: November 2019

(Italian-based sustainability platform “Advantage.Green” forges alliance with

South African-based technology company “Afri-Tec”)

Advantage.Green enables the assessment of the ecological and sustainable impact of consumption, and guarantees online, as well as on-site, opportunities for relationships to create a focus on your company, your business and the sustainability of your idea.

Advantage.Green has created a digital market place to match supply and demand and promote ‘sustainable’ companies.

“Advantage Green – states President Francesco Confuorti – aims to respond to a dual need, on the one hand the demand by consumers for sustainable products at fair prices, and, on the other, the supply of companies committed to deal with the environment and society in a responsible, sustainable way. The platform, community and market place provides traceable and transparent information on products and companies, and offers tools to assess and progressively upgrade their sustainability, providing them with a digital market and a simple user-friendly and purposeful e-commerce space for products and services.”

Afri-Tec Technologies is focused on commissioning and securing various technologies for commercialisation. Many of which have been developed or secured and are currently being deployed particularly in the areas of AI, IOT and payment systems.

“Afri-Tec is committed to connecting a plethora of (new) technologies to a multitude of sectors in the hopes of creating large scale impacts across commercial and societal channels”, states AB Jnr.

The strategic alliance between these two companies will see engagement with both the public and private sector on the African continent, as well as in other parts of the world.

The collaboration will seek to transform how businesses operate, ensuring that at every juncture they are driven towards the increasingly important corporate social responsibility of sustainability.

“We hope that, through this association, many other companies and organisations will be encouraged to join us in our endeavour to create a sustainable future for all”, expressed AB Moosa Jnr, CEO of Afri-Tec.

AB Jnr expressed the following of the new collaboration: “Both Italy and South Africa have many parallels in terms of challenges and opportunities and we believe the ideas and shared synergies between the  2 companies, and their counterparts, will bode well for taking the lead on a more sustainable future.

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