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With a simple touch of a button on your phone, your family and friends will be alerted if you are in an emergency, and of your location.


Alert your loved ones, or be alerted, of a personal safety or medical emergency, anywhere, anytime.


Ask your loved ones to send a check-in when they are safely at their destination or send a check-in to your loved ones when you’ve arrived at your intended location.






South Africa’s most intuitive safety app, giving you peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Please note that there is no live-tracking of your location, your location is only tracked in these instances: when you have last opened the app, when you panic, or when you have checked-in.

Download & Registration

  • Download the Afri-Tec Alert App from the Google Play or Apple store.
  • Allow push-notifications as these will alert you if/when there is an emergency. We recommend assigning a sound that will be easily heard when your push notification comes through. This can be configured in your settings.
  • Register as a new user. Under ”panic type” choose App Only.

Adding Members To Your Circle

  • Click on the “My Circle” icon.
  • Hit the share icon, where you can send friends or family members instructions via whatsapp.
  • Individuals tracking you will appear in the “Tracking Me” tab, and if you have been asked to track someone they will appear in the “Tracking Others” tab. You can swipe left on the name of anyone you wish to remove from your circle.

In the Event of an Emergency

GBVF & How To

Live Tracking

Search & Zoom


  • The ”Check-In” tab is on the top right of your home screen.
  • When you have arrived safely at your destination, you can send a check in to circle members. You can send a short message, and circle members can view the street address of your location. You can also request a check in from circle members, to ensure they have arrived safely at their destination.
  • In the “Pending Check In” tab respond to requested check-ins.

Instacom Messaging

  • On your home screen you will find a “Send Message” tab.
  • You can choose to send a voice-message to all members of your circle by pressing “Send to Everyone”, or you can send to specific members by selecting the intended name and sliding right, then tap “Send to List”. You can also clear your message.
  • Instacom messages from your circle members are stored in the side menu under “Instacom Messaging”.

Incident Reporting

  • If you experience a crime first-hand, or are witness to a crime, you can report it by tapping on the “Report Incident” icon on your home screen.
  • An incident type can be selected, a short description entered, and any necessary photo uploaded. Incident icons will appear on the map and will be visible to other Alert users in that proximity.
  • Incidents reported by you can be viewed in the side-menu under the “Incident Reporting” tab. You can view reports by others too.

Side Menu

In addition to incident reports and instacom messaging, the following can also be found in the side menu:

  • Profile – your profile can be updated here.
  • Devices – the Afri-Tec Alert device can be loaded and connected to your app in this tab.
  • Tutorials – these will assist if you need guidance on any of the app features.
  • Services Near Me – if you’re in need of the police, a hospital, doctor, and more, open this tab, select what you need and the necessary services
    (with contact details and directions) within a 5km radius will be shown.
  • Safety Tips – these give suggestions on what to do when faced with potentially dangerous situations.
  • Contact Us – via email or phone.